Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Laydowns for 12/21/10

Dark Harvest - Karen Harper (QP reprint)

Seducing a Vampire - Michele Hauf

Trouble - Linda Howard (MM reprint)

Ignited by Passion - Brenda Jackson (MM reprint)

Hawk's Way Rebels - Joan Johnston (MM reprint)

Prelude to a Scandal - Delilah Marvelle (I wasn't thrilled by this one. Not by a long shot. The premise involves the hero suffering from sexual addiction. As those of us based in reality know, addiction isn't ever really cured. However, the hero is miraculously healed by the power of the heroine's love and no longer has the slightest craving. Bull. Shit. The second book in the series is so, so, so much better.)

Caine's Reckoning - Sarah McCarty (MM release)

Enchanted No More - Robin D. Owens (As previously mentioned, I really enjoy Robin D. Owens' books and this one was no exception. However, it only got 2 stars at Romantic Times. I think the key here is to read this book like it's not a standalone. There will be backstory you are probably missing and there will be some loose ends for the next book to tie up.)