Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monthly Tally: June 2011

 From TBR Journal

  1. The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton, Miranda Neville
  2. Black Ties & Lullabies, Jane Graves
  3. Hexed, Ilona Andrews, et. al
  4. Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator, Mo Willems
  5. The Soldier, Grace Burrowes - I read her books all out of order and got really frustrated by all the secondary characters who weren't introduced properly. It wasn't until I read this interview over at Dear Author that I realized the problem was because these were actually like books 4-7 of a series. Talented author, but frustrating books.
  6. If He's Dangerous, Hannah Howell
  7. Nearly a Lady, Alyssa Johnson
  8. Just Like Heaven, Julia Quinn
  9. Trial by Fire, Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  10. Frostbound, Sharon Ashwood
  11. That's How, Christoph Niemann
  12. One Magic Moment, Lynn Kurland
  13. Demons are a Girl's Best Friend, Linda Wisdom- I really enjoy Wisdom's books and I hope she breaks out soon.
  14. Never a Gentleman, Eileen Dreyer
  15. A Midwinter Fantasy, Leanna Renee Hieber, et. al- Aw, Dorchester, I miss you. I know you treated your authors horribly, but you had a good eye for talent. I hope L.J. McDonald publishes again soon.
  16. Oil Spill Disaster, Mona Chiang, Cody Crane, Karina Hamalainen, and Lynda Jones - If I just want to supplement my knowledge about a subject or just get the basics, I like to pick up kids' books on the topic. I'd seen a lot of varying news coverage on the Gulf Oil Spill and this helped me put the pieces in order.
  17. I for Imagine, Marc Riboud & Catherine Chaine
  18. Fall in Love Like a Romance Writer, Amelia Gray, et.al
  19. Can I See Your ID?  True Stories of False Identities, Chris Barton

  1. Only Yours, Susan Mallery, 8/2011
  2. A Night to Remember, Tessa Dare, 8/2011
  3. Wicked in Your Arms, Sophie Jordan, 7/2011
  4. Blood Hunt, Shannon  Butcher, 8/2011
  5. Delaney's Hunt, Ingrid Weaver, 8/2011
  6. Wedding Magic, Patricia Coughlin, 8/2011
  7. Master of Shadows, Angela Knight, 8/2011
  8. Hunter's Fall, Shiloh Walker, 8/2011

    Books Read Along the Way

    1. Lead Me On, Victoria Dahl
    2. Branded by Fire, Kiss of Snow, Hostage to Pleasure, & Play of Passion, Nalini Singh
    3. Hidden Away, Maya Banks - I kinda got hooked on this series back when I read RITA nominee The Darkest Hour. They're one of the few romantic suspense books I like.
    4. Blue Galaxy, Diana Dooley
    5. Unlocked, Courtney Milan - This was one of those things where I saw it everywhere, it was getting good buzz and it was .99. I was like, 'What the hell?' It was worth the buck.
    6. Demon's Fall, Karalynn Lee
    7. Fill Her Up, Brynn Paulin
    8. Fired Up & In Too Deep, Jayne Ann Krentz
    9. Walk on the Wild Side, Christine Warren
    10. The Wallflower, Sweet Dreams, Steel Beauty, Dana Marie Bell
    11. One in a Million, Abby Gaines & Marisa Carroll - I have a fascination with NASCAR books. Perhaps because it's so alien to my geographic location. This was okay, but I much prefer Erin McCarthy's books.
    12. Midnight Crystal, Jayne Castle
    13. The Heat, Heather Killough-Walden - I got a sampler from Penguin that contained the first two chapters of Killough-Walden's Avenger's Angel.  Despite my current burn-out on winged creatures books, I was immediately intrigued because it seems like a radically different storyline. Avenger's Angel won't be released until November so, in the meantime, I checked out this ebook by the author. Mainly because it was a dollar. I didn't feel like I wasted the dollar and it was easy to see the author's raw potential, but I also had no interest in purchasing the remaining books in the series.
    I re-read the Warren, Bell, & Singh titles because I was on a feline shifter kick. I don't remember what precisely sparked it. Jill Myles did post on Oddshots that she's releasing a book under the name Jessica Sims where the hero is a were-cougar. The book is due to be released in October 2011 and it's definitely something I'll be keeping an eye out for.

    You may have noticed a lack of comments on the ARC section. None of them really stood out to me. They were all pretty much okay. 

    Category Totals

    Romance: 29 + 8 ARCs
    Young Adult: 1
    Picture Books: 2
    Children's: 3
    Nonfiction: 1