Sunday, April 10, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Please keep your shoes on.

Dear Customers,

The summer months are coming and I know your wardrobes are changing to reflect that. Shorts, tanks, and flip flops are all reappearing and with that reappearance comes the urge to kick off your shoes & curl up in a chair with a book. Please, however, refrain from doing it in my bookstore.

Here's the bottom line. Those carpets you're walking on sans shoes? Steam cleaned maybe twice a year. The chairs you're sitting in with your feet tucked beneath you?  We clean the obvious stains, wipe up any coffee that's been spilled, but other than that? Hah.

Also, there's a cafe here. Where we serve food and beverages. You wouldn't walk into a coffee shop without shoes on, so why do you do it in a bookstore? Generally speaking, the adage of 'No shirt, no shoes, no service' applies in many, many different commercial locations.

So when I politely tell you to put your shoes back on, please don't give me a dirty look. You should know better.

Hoping it sinks in this time,