Review Policy & Disclaimer

Review Policy

Due to my changing status in the industry, I have significantly scaled back on requesting ARCs, but I still have access to NetGalley and Edelweiss. If you would like me to try your book, please  email me the particulars. At this point in time, I prefer electronic copies, but will provide a mailing address upon request. Please note that providing me with a copy of your book moves it to the top of my TBR pile, but does not guarantee a positive review.

In addition, if your book contains any of the following, I will not read it: cannibalism, scat, adultery, graphic torture, necrophilia, pedophilia, incest, and animal abuse. In addition, I tend to shy away from books that involve child abuse, spousal abuse, and graphic non-consensual sex scenes. 

My preference is for romance titles as I'm quite attached to happy endings. I do also read young adult, urban fantasy, and science-fiction/fantasy as long as they are in possession of the requisite happy ending. As far as non-fiction, I primarily read sports, cookbooks (especially baking), and nature books featuring endangered or extinct species. While I am not opposed to African-American or Lesbian fiction in principle, I am not, shall we say, the target audience. 


Any opinions expressed through the original blog postings are solely mine and should not be considered representative of my past or current employers. I am not responsible for any opinions or statements left as comments to entries.

The books reviewed or mentioned in this blog were obtained through the following methods: my local library, Interlibrary Loans via a library, purchased from a bookstore or an online vendor, and received from varying publishers. Occasionally, I will also borrow from a friend. I do not receive extra compensation from any source to highlight a particular publication.