Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monthly Tally: February 2011

From TBR journal
  1. Deadly Lies, Cynthia Eden - See last month's comment.
  2. Primal, Lora Leigh, Michelle Rowen, Jory Strong & Ava Gray
  3. Dreams of a Dark Warrior, Kresley Cole
  4. This Side of the Grave, Jeaniene Frost - I'm not really a fan of first-person urban fantasies, but I adore this series. 
  5. Treachery in Death, J.D. Robb - I continue to love this series, although it has its ups and down. I thought this one was better than the previous installement.
  6. Visions of Magic, Regan Hastings
  7. The Perfect Play, Jaci Burton - I have a fondness for romances starring athlete heroes, but I wasn't head over heels for this one. 
  8. Look! A Book! A Zany Seek-and-Find Adventure, Bob Staake - Okay, I'm 29 and I easily spent a half an hour going through this book. Part of the fun for me was trying to figure out what the rhyming objects on the next page would be. For elementary school kids and the 'child at heart' adult.
  9. Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunch Melt-in-Your Mouth Cookies, Alice Medrich - A cookbook divided up by the texture of the finished products. A nice idea, but there were only a couple of recipes that interested me. Would probably be a good housewarming present.
  10. When Beauty Tamed the Beast, Eloisa James
  11. Unveiled, Courtney Milan
  12. Tortall and Other Lands, Tamora Pierce - If this had been in paperback, I'd bought it in a heartbeat. It's a collection of short stories set in the world she's created. My favorites were 'Lost,' about a Darkling that ends up in Tusaine and befriends a young female mathematical genius, and 'A Dragon's Tale,' a story from Kitten's (the dragonlet adopted by Daine & Numair) point of view. I had to go back and re-read the Wild Magic quartet after I finished, it was just that awesome. 
  13. All Jacked Up, Lorelei James
  14. His Sinful Secret, Emma Wildes
  15. Wolfsbane, Patricia Briggs - Overall, Briggs' books don't fit the romance genre, but I love the way she writes relationships.
  16. There's a Princess in the Palace, Zoe B. Alley
  17. Weird and Wonderful, ed. Welleran Poltarnees - This was reviewed by PW, which is how I found out about it. It's a collection of odd illustrations from old (early 1900s) children's books. In AU's special collections department, they specialize a bit in children's literature and I rec'd this book for purchase.
  18. Dare to Believe, Dana Marie Bell - I will be very surprised if this author doesn't make the crossover into mainstream publishing one day. 
  19. Batwoman: Elegy, Greg Rucka & J. H. Williams III
  20. Bedtime for Mommy, Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  21. Miss Winthrope's Elopement, Christine Merrill
  22. Love 'Em or Leave 'Em, Angie Stanton - An interesting plot idea (the heroine gets drafted to be a contestant on a Bachelor-type show & the hero's the Bachelor), but would've benefited from better editing.
  23. Submission Times Two, Claire Thompson
  24. Big Mama Makes the World, Phyllis Root - A little bit of a twist on the Christian creation story. I liked it and I may buy it for my personal collection one day. 
  25. Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book Based on the Film Phenomenon, Lucy Kee - This was insanely cool. The pop-ups were focused on the different film sets, with little bits of trivia here and there. It's currently on sale at Amazon and I'm definitely going to pick it up.
  1. Welcome to Last Chance, Hope Ramsay, out today
  2. Halfway Hexed, Kimberly Frost, out now
  3. When You Dare, Lori Foster, 5/2011 - This was a great book. It's a little more along the lines of military romance than a contemporary. I'm a sucker for a heroine who's also a writer and the hero was very compelling.
  4. Quicksilver, Amanda Quick, 4/2011
  5. Big Bad Beast, Shelly Laurenston, 5/2011 - I am about to be very honest here. While I have still read this book about five times, Beast Behaving Badly was much better. Dee is a complicated character and a complicated heroine, which doesn't always translate well. 
  6.  Any Man of Mine, Rachel Gibson, 4/2011 
  7. Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart, Sarah Maclean, 4/2011  
  8. Trace of Fever, Lori Foster, 6/2011 - I loved it a little less than the first one, mostly because the plot subject matter was difficult to handle (human trafficking, rape, etc. The bad guy was really bad). However, Dare & Molly make a return appearance, I adored the supporting characters of Chris & Mark (I want them to have their own story), and the animals were so cute. 
  9. Notorious Pleasures, Elizabeth Hoyt, out now
I also read the Black Bird manga series, volumes 1-5. I was cataloging my manga collection and discovered I owned volume 1. The public library provided the rest! 

Category Totals

Romance: 14 + 9 ARCs
Science Fiction: 1
Mystery: 1
Young Adult: 1 
Cookbooks: 1
Graphic Novels: 1
Picture Books: 4
Film: 1
Lit Crit: 1 

Year to Date: 55 books, 14 ARCs

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