Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monthly Tally: March 2011

From TBR journal
  1. Captured by a Rogue Lord, Katharine Ashe- I'm not really one for historicals, but I whizzed through this one. Quite good. 
  2. The Knitting Diaries, Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery & Christina Skye- Wasn't wowed by this one. I felt the stories were stifled by the shorter format and I was pretty lost with the Macomber story since I haven't read the Blossom Street books.
  3. River Marked, Patricia Briggs - I was creeped out by the otters. Big time. 
  4. Lover Unleashed, J.R. Ward - The first book I really liked since Butch's. I also kinda forgive her now for the book that shall not be named. 
  5. The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf, Molly Harper - Harper's writing demonstrates a wonderful sense of humor. 
  6. Navarro's Promise, Lora Leigh
  7. Live Wire, Lora Leigh
  8. Harvest Moon, Robyn Carr
  9. A Lot Like Love, Julie James - Going by the blurb, I didn't think I was going to like this one and I was proved very wrong. Another excellent contemporary.
  10. Primal Bonds, Jennifer Ashley
  11. Hunger Untamed, Pamela Palmer
  12. Fated, Rebecca Zanetti
  13. Demon Song, Cat Adams - I love love love this series. I even forgive it for being the first person. These are great books, although they lean more to urban fantasy/sci fic than romance. Read them anyway.
  14. Ice Breaker, Deirdre Martin -  I have a weakness for sport books. Did not like this one, however. My displeasure was centered around the relationship between the hero & heroine, but I can't get more specific than that. It just didn't feel right.
  15. Harry Potter and the Deathly Boring, Stefan Petrucha and Rich Parker - A graphic novel parody. Would be suitable for young boys.
  16. Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku, Lee Wardlaw
  17. When I Grow Up, Al Yankovic - I think I was expecting it to be a little more tongue in cheek, but it was a cute picture book. 
  18. One Enchanted Evening, Lynn Kurland
  19. Skin Tight, Ava Gray - I'm a big fan of this series now. It's Dark Angel-esque. 
  20. Over the Rainbow, E.Y. Harburg
  21. How to Knit a Love Song, Rachel Herron
  22. Master of Fire, Angela Knight
  23. Sinful, Charlotte Featherstone -  I did not like the ending. At all. 
  24. Undercover, Lauren Danes
  25. Sleepless in Scotland, Karen Hawkins
  26. Emerald Wand of Oz,  Sherwood Smith
  27. Pavement Chalk Artist, Julian Beever - An amazing book. This artist does sidewalk chalk art that, when viewed from a particular spot or through a camera lens, looks 3D. 
  1. Moonlight Cove, Sherryl Woods, out now
  2. Kiss of Snow, Nalini Singh, 5/2011
  3. Savage Nature, Christine Feehan, out now
  4. An Affair Without End, Candance Camp, out now
  5. Beach Lane, Sherryl Woods, 5/2011
  6. Malled, Caitlin Kelly, out now - This was a fantastic look at what it's like working in retail.
  7. Blood of the Maple, Dana Marie Bell, out now - A really unique twist on the vampire/paranormal bit. I really enjoy this author's work.
I did a bit of re-reading, mainly J.D. Robb. March was an insanely crappy month so I was seeking comfort from old favorites.

Category Totals

Romance: 18 + 6 ARCs
Science Fiction: 2
Nonfiction: 1 + 1 ARC
Graphic Novels: 1
Picture Books: 3
Fiction: 1
Children's: 1

Year to Date: 82 books, 21 ARCs

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