Thursday, September 8, 2011

Winner of @CynthiaEden giveaway!

This is the Pigeon.

You may remember him from such books as The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog and giveaways like Discourse on fanfic, plagiarism, & @CynthiaEden's Deadly Heat. That contest ended on September 1st. Seven days ago. 

The Pigeon is very sorry he's late.

The Pigeon has a good reason, though. See, there was this hurricane. 

See that arrow? That's where the Pigeon nests.

The Pigeon lost power for five days. It kinda threw things out of whack. The Pigeon has promised, however, that he will be much more timely with all future giveaways. There were two entries for Cynthia Eden's Deadly Heat, Blue Shedevil and Kissablesweet1. Thank you for participating, ladies!

There was going to be video of the Pigeon drawing the winner, but it turns out that the Pigeon's wings are too short to reach into the rubber band jar entry receptacle. He'd like to announce the winner, though! 

He's so excited, he can barely contain himself!
Congratulations, kissablesweet1!  Please email me at ladylioness81 at yahoo dot com with your mailing address and the Pigeon promises he will mail your book out right away. Another giveaway will be forthcoming as soon as I can make up my mind. Follow the blog or @lionessbkshelf so you'll be ready!

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