Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Being Internly: Suggested Reading

Every now and then, I come across someone who has explained something so much more articulately than I ever could. Since I used to run a mega link site back in the day, it seemed only natural to start sharing the links with y'all.

The inaugural post features Ilona Andrews discussing the difference between story and plot by using Return of the Jedi as her example. I found it via GoodReads, but here's the actual blog entry. Scroll down to the third section that starts with "M writes..."

I also stumbled upon Hilary Smith's blog. She has a YA being released in May 2013, Wild Awake. However, before she got her book deal, she was also an intern! Granted, Ms. Smith worked on the publishing end of things, but you should still make your way through her archives. The post I particularly wanted to highlight, given that I intern for an agent, is Dinner with Literary Agents. After being in the company of several agents, Ms. Smith shares her observations. The bit about scouting is true.

Finally, another post from the blog of Janet Reid, answering this question: When an agency's website says "do not send multiple queries" or "only query one agent", does that mean only query one agent, period, or only query one agent until you get a rejection and then you're free to query another? I'll do a post about queries myself at some point, but this situation actually occurred recently so I wanted to spotlight it now. 

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