Tuesday, January 21, 2014


MENTOR: Elizabeth Penney
ALTERNATE: Densie Webb
TITLE: You’ll Be Thinking of Me
CATEGORY/GENRE: WF with elements of romance and suspense
WORD COUNT: 93,000

PITCH: Rachael Allen’s chance encounter with actor Mick Sullivan and an impromptu video trigger an improbable fairytale romance marred by threats and obsessive love. A stalker leaves a bittersweet gift behind and Rachael’s HEA comes at a price. 

She was attractive. At least, it registered that way in his alcohol-soaked brain. Blond. He preferred brunettes, but he was experiencing a unique brand of loneliness after weeks of nonstop traveling. He had been antsy, unwilling to give himself over to sleep and the inevitable nightmares, so he came downstairs to the Austin hotel bar and made his way to the corner booth unnoticed. He ordered a beer, then another, and another, as he fixated on the photo shoot from earlier that day. No one had told him he was going to have to strip down. When he took off his shirt, the dick photographer with the ponytail announced, “Dude, where’s the six-pack? Oh, well, we’ll retouch it later. And can somebody cover up Snow White? I thought you had lasered that thing,” he said, pointing to the tattoo on his unchiseled chest.

His thoughts were interrupted by her voice. “Mind if I join you?”

His eyes at half-mast, he blinked against the lights over the bar. “Sure, have a seat,” he said, his tongue thick with alcohol. “I’m Mick Sullivan.” She had no visible reaction as she slid into the booth beside him. He had lucked upon a woman—a hot one no less—who had never heard of him. She wanted to keep him company, not scream at him, grab him, touch the hem of his coat. That crap, he could get any time.

He waved to the bartender and ordered her a beer, but her warm hand on his thigh told him what she really wanted. 

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