Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 Minute Review: Under the Mistletoe by Maureen Child and Sandra Hyatt

Under the Mistletoe by Maureen Child and Sandra Hyatt

Two RITA nominees for Romance Novella for the price of one! In "The Wrong Brother," by Maureen Child, Sam discovers that when he told his brother to stop dating Anna, it was the best thing he'd ever done. They're explosive together, but can Anna forgive Sam from interfering in her life? Sandra Hyatt's "Mistletoe Magic" has Luke Maitland who married Meg Elliot when he thought he was dying. However, he's alive and back to reclaim what was his. He's just not sure if that includes Meg or not. 

Both novellas were well written and they both had their strong points, but there is something disconcerting about reading Christmas stories during a heatwave. It just doesn't compute. I think 'Mistletoe' has a slight edge over 'Wrong Brother' as there was more of a plot. However, I did like Anna's occupation of trompe l'oeil mural painting. It's a bit different from the usual 'artist' label. The sex scenes were also hotter in 'Wrong Brother.' Not much of a review, I'm afraid, but that's all I got! There's a more articulate guest review up at Smart Bitches.

I thought I'd already read the novellas in Heart of Darkness and Burning Up, but I can't recollect the details. I'm going to try to grab those from the library. Out of the three nominees thus far, I think I liked "Mistletoe Magic" the best.

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