Friday, June 24, 2011

In Harm's Way, Irene Hannon

 In Harm's Way by Irene Hannon: A RITA Finalist for Inspirational Romance

Rachel Sutton never considered herself psychic, but as soon as she touches an old Raggedy Ann doll that she finds in a parking lot, she is overcome by a wave of terror. The FBI agent she eventually approaches, Nick Bradley, doesn't take her seriously until he discovers a link between the doll and a child abduction case. The pair are now racing against the clock to find the baby, but the kidnapper has targeted Rachel, believing she knows more than she should. Rachel is in a fight for her life, with danger and old family secrets hindering her at every turn.

The book is classified as inspirational, but it's not actually that heavy on God and the Christian faith. It's really more of a suspense novel with a bit of religion thrown in. The characters are well-drawn and it's a bit unique,  having the hero be the religious one. I liked the twist regarding Rachel's family an the explanation for why she connects with the doll. The kidnapper's point of view is also shown and, while the sympathy clearly lies with the baby's family, the reader can understand why the kidnapper felt driven to do this. I even pitied her a little in the end.

I'm not really one for inspirationals or romantic suspense, but apparently I enjoy inspirational suspense.  I liked this book, which worked well as a standalone, but it is actually prt of a trilogy., I have the first book on my iPad to read at some point. If you enjoyed this title, I recommend Dee  Henderson's O'Malley series.

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