Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ramblings, A.K.A., God, I'm tired.

I am tired, the kind of tired that's a mixture of minor sleep deprivation and boredom. I'd be okay if I had something to keep me stimulated, but since classes haven't started yet, it's kinda dead here in the ILL department.  In about five minutes, I'm either going to start perusing Sporcle for a language-based game or I'll downloaded something from NetGalley.

I should concentrate on filling up my GoodReads reviews, but I'm too tired to be articulate at the moment. It would be all 'Book ok, heroine a little whiny, not enough sports stuff.' Maybe that should be something I do here instead of 5 minute reviews: Reviews in 30 words or less. I'll have to think on it.

I just went to Sporcle and took this clever Typing Test. I messed up a bit because it took me a while to figure out where to look and to leave off the punctuation at the end of the line, but my score was 65 words per minute. A little more awake now.

Heading to Barnes and Noble after work today. My best friend, who used to be a merch supe at Borders until the first round of layoffs, now does receiving there. So I'll be taking advantage of our friendship to pick up Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent (read a .pdf of the first chapter here). Since I'm no longer on the front line of what's new and incoming, I'm relying on GoodReads to keep my TBR list handy and FictFact to help me keep track of what's coming out when.

I finished The Chase by Erin McCarthy and I think I'm just about done with sport books for the time being. I still want to finish those three baseball books I have pending, but I think I'm going to try to tackle some new stuff next. I have a slew of things out from the library, including two YAs I wanna read: Forgotten by Cat Patrick and White Cat by Holly Black. White Cat's been out for a while, but YA always fell low on the priority list while I was Romance Expert-ing. I've been seeing good things about Forgotten so I made sure to snag it the last time I went in.

A coupla more things before I get up to stretch my legs and try to the juices flowing. Let's do it in list format because now I'm feeling lazy.
  1. It appears I am, in fact, done at Borders. I will remain 'on call,' but it's unlikely I'll work again as the liquidators are making a very big push to increase sales. They definitely want to be done by the end of September. 
  2. If you have any saved personal information, like a credit card or email, at Borders.com, us employees suggest you delete it ASAP. Customer information is up for sale right along with the website.
  3. Also, if you haven't already twigged to the pattern, the liquidation prices drop every Thursday or Friday. If there's nothing in particular you want, you're better off going on Monday-Wednesday as there's less chance of a crowd.  The warehouse is empty now so whatever product the store has, that's all it's going to get. The stores never got anything that was published after liquidation was announced so if you're looking for new books, you're SOL. Use this opportunity to boost your backlist reading  or replace old copies that may be falling apart.
  4. Barbara Vey has a statement about Sandra Hyatt, written by the Romance Writers of New Zealand, up at her blog. No real new information, but it has everything in one spot now. 
  5. I think the GoodReads glitch is mostly fixed now, but I'm going to be hand-posting reviews for the time being, at least until I finish the sport romances. Follow @lionessbkshelf to get a tweet when a new entry goes up. 
  6. There's 8 days left to enter my Cynthia Eden giveaway!

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